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Purple Sweet Potato Tacos

There’s a fruit or veggie for seemingly every color, which is why when I hear “eat the rainbow,” I immediately think of beautifully colored produce instead of candy. To celebrate the colors of the rainbow, specifically the royal color of purple, we made these delectable purple sweet potato tacos with black beans and red cabbage slaw! They’re vegetarian, can be made vegan, and are the perfect ode to the wonderful colors of nature. 

These vivid purple tacos pair perfectly with Care by Design’s newest ratio, Care by Design Full Spectrum CBD Drops 40:1 Tincture. In the Rainbow of Ratios, this one is represented by the color purple. To incorporate these drops into our dish, we add them to our delicious and tangy red cabbage slaw, along with a little lime juice, cumin, olive, oil and cilantro. This recipe makes 3 servings, so feel free to use 3ml total of the tincture, which yields approximately 32mg CBD and under 1mg THC per serving.

The high ratio of CBD to THC, along with terpenes, makes these 40:1 drops perfect for those just starting to experiment with cannabis. This ratio is also great for getting into more of a relaxing mode, so I can’t think of a better way to consume them than with a filling meal after a long day. If you’re feeling like your day was a little too long, feel free to make some shortcuts to this dish by purchasing pre-sliced slaw mix, taco seasoning for the sweet potatoes, and canned refried beans.

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