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Prosciutto & Ricotta Wrapped Melon with Calabrian Pepper-Infused Honey

I tried hot honey for the first time a couple years ago, and ever since I’ve wanted to make my own version. For one, hot honey is extremely versatile. I’ve seen it on pizza, salads, in salad dressings, and more. But I had a vision for this: why not drizzle the hot honey on prosciutto and melon, but add some ricotta cheese into the mix? This Calabrian pepper-infused honey made in my ONGROK Botanical Infuser machine was the finishing touch on this flavor masterpiece I had been dreaming up, and boy did it deliver.

No-Bake Hibiscus-Infused Cheesecake

The hot honey is the perfect compliment to salty prosciutto, juicy cantaloupe, and creamy ricotta cheese. I can’t think of a better snack to bring to upcoming holiday gatherings this year. Or even better, make some Calabrian pepper-infused hot honey and gift it to your friends!

Prosciutto & Ricotta Wrapped Melon with Calabrian Pepper-Infused Honey

  • ONGROK Botanical Infuser
  • ONGROK Micron Filter Bag

For the Calabrian Pepper-Infused Honey

  • 1 cup honey
  • 8-10 dried Calabrian chilis, depending on your spice tolerance

For the melon

  • 1 cantaloupe
  • Regular or vegan ricotta
  • Prosciutto
  • Basil for garnish
  1. Add honey to the base of your ONGROK Botanical Infuser machine. Break Calabrian chili peppers in half and add to the machine. Set temperature to 160℉. Press the 4 hour button let the machine run through its cycle.

  2. Once honey is done, strain mixture through ONGROK Micron Filter Bag into a bowl. Transfer to an air-tight container.

  3. Peel and slice your cantaloupe. Leave a little ledge in each wedge for the ricotta to rest on. Pat slices dry.

  4. Place ricotta cheese on cantaloupe ledge. Wrap in prosciutto. Repeat with remaining slices.

  5. Drizzle wrapped melon slices with your spicy infused honey!

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